Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GODDESS TEST winner and MOAR prize awesomeness

So. First off, MEGAGIANTHUGE congrats to Aimee Carter on the official release of THE GODDESS TEST today! The book, it is awesome. Everyone should read it. And banana83854will have an easy time doing that, because random.org picked her number! (104, in case you're looking for a lucky lottery pick.)

Congrats, banana83854!

And thanks to everyone who entered and tweeted! Hopefully I'll have more stuff for you to win soon!

But in the meantime, I'd like to help one of you win some awesome prizes from the Class of 2k11. This month, they're giving out a copy of Amy Holder's awesome LIPSTICK LAWS (read my recommendation and check out a picture of me with a pair of Kleenex boxes stuck in my shirt here) and a marked up ARC of the ridiculously awesome Amy Dominy's Oy MG. Not only is this ARC signed, but it also has notes in it from Amy, giving you a little extra info that never made it into the book. I haven't yet talked about this book here, but trust me--it's fabulous. I read it in an afternoon and couldn't put it down.

Now, there are a lot of ways to win, and you can check out the 2k11 website if you'd like to learn more about them. But if you don't have the time to do that, you should definitely have time for this:

Make a title mashup using one or more of the following titles:
Tara Hudson - Hereafter
Carrie Harris - Bad Taste in Boys
Tess Hilmo - With a Name Like Love
Bettina Restrepo - Illegal
Trinity Faegen - The Mephisto Covenant

For example, you could mash my title with Dracula and Going Bovine and come up with BAD TASTE IN BOVINE DRACULAS. Then write a sentence or two telling us what the book's about: "Julie expects her summer on her grandparent's farm to be really boring. But there's something about the cattle that draws her--especially the sparkly one that plaintively moos outside her window at night. Is it true love, or is Bull just out for her blood?"

Post it in the comments, or email it to me direct. I'll enter you in the contest, which runs through May 4th. Winners of both of the books will be selected randomly and announced on the Class of 2k11 blog on the 11th, and I'll email you direct if you win. We're also entering everyone into a big end-of-the-year drawing for the most creative entry of the year--so you could win LOTS of books and assorted fun stuff.

Let me know if you have questions, and good luck!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥

Nicole Mainardi said...

Not sure if I've got this right but here it goes:

Title: Illegal Taste in Hereafter Boys

Tagline: "Carrie has known about the undead since she was a child. It's against the law to even be seen with one and her parents run an undead hunting business, training her to follow in their footsteps. She's always believed without a doubt that the undead should be wiped out. But then she meets Darren on a routine Obliteration trip and everything changes. Now, not only will she be defying her parents but also everything she's ever known. Will what she feel for Darren be enough? Or will it destroy them both?"

Unknown said...

I'd read that, Nicole!

And yes, that's great! If you decide to do it again, know that you can use other books--you just need to use at least one of the 2k11 books!

Nicole = officially entered into the contest!

Nicole Mainardi said...

Thanks Carrie! I feel so weird being the only one entered :D

Nicole Mainardi said...

Since you said I could enter again, I thought of another idea :D

Title: Hereafter Spells (Spells from Aprilynne Pike's fae series)

Tagline: "There's something wrong with Daphne Fare. She's a witch, coming from a long line of powerful magic casters. Her parents died from a potent spell backfiring, pushing the Council to ban dangerous spells and for Daphne to move in with her two magic-obsessed aunts. When they're not boiling up trouble for their nosy neighbors, they're focusing their powers on Daphne, who wants nothing to with her heritage. Things get even more complicated when she meets Henry, a brooding boy who has secrets of his own, secrets that could destroy what the two begin to feel for each other and everything they've ever believed in. Will Daphne chose the only family she has left over true love?"

Carrie Harris said...

HAH! That's awesome! I'll get this one in too!!!