Friday, October 8, 2010

The Funniest Creature Championships - Were Bracket

Have you voted this week? I'm not talking about elections. I'm talking about the Funniest Creature Championships. We're electing the most amusing creatures in existence. We've voted on vampires, mutant celebrities, and monster mashups so far. And now, it's time to give the weres some love.

By now, you should know how this works. I give you two creatures and tell you why I think they're funny. You vote for one of them in the comments. The winner goes on to the semifinals. I fully expect you to read my blog next week wearing face paint and monster jerseys. And maybe waving around one of those big foam hands.

Honestly? I just want one of those big foam hands.

And here are today's creatures.

CREATURE 1: Teen Wolf
Let's cut to the chase with this one. When I think of werewolves, I think of big hairy Cuisinarts with slavering teeth and pointy claws. I do not think of Michael J. Fox with overgrown facial hair, van surfing, or slam dunks. Furthermore, he dates a girl named Boof.

Don't I look like a Boof dater? Good thing I left my slavering teeth at home.

CREATURE 2: The Werecats from Sleepwalkers
How many of you have seen Sleepwalkers? This little gem was based off a Stephen King story, and it's I find it difficult to TYPE without giggling. It's about a pair of incestuous, soul sucking, mutant-looking werecats.

And I have 80s hair.

You'd think things couldn't get any worse, but then one of the werecats kills somebody by stabbing him in the back...with a corn cob.

I call this the Death Cob. Or the Cob Killer. Or...uh...something.

Soooo. Vote, people! Vote! And if you missed any of the earlier entries, voting's still open. Make thine voice heard on matters of importance, like girls named Boof and corn cob killers.


Emily White said...

Werecat with the killer cob! That is just too funny.

Mariah Irvin said...

It's a tough choice between the Boof dater and the cob killer (especially since I haven't seen either), but I'm gonna vote for Teen Wolf!

Lenny Lee said...

hi miss carrie! for me its the werecat cause he just plain corny. ha ha. this is real fun stuff!
...laughs from lenny

Mason Ian Bundschuh said...

Were Cat Cob Killers. Cause they're so wacky they didn't even bother to have hair all over their body.

What kind of were-being has coiffed hair? Warren Zevon's buddies, maybe.


Anonymous said...

Hey, don't diss The Cob. I often tell my children, "Hey, don't run with that corn cob because you never know when you're going to stab somebody in the back with it AND KILL THEM."

I already think our therapy bill will be astronomical.


Tiny T said...

Hairless werecat cob killers.... How can you go wrong?

Anonymous said...

killer cobs for the win

Claire Dawn said...

I'm all about the cob! Werecat :)