Monday, October 6, 2008

It's BBC Week!

Welcome to BatBrow Campaign Week '08, here at The Wonder That Is My Blog! For those of you who have no idea what this means, read this. Or don't. Because really, it's completely irrational any way you slice it.

Campaign update: I'm now seventh in the Google standings for Batman eyebrows, and I'm well placed to overtake the geek alert that's in the number six spot. I think it's my strong pro-waxing stance that's really going to win me the election, although I don't wax personally, because I'm allergic to it. Yeah. To wax. My forehead gets all puffy and Cro-magnon on me, makes me look like the cave men from the Geico ads. Only marginally more female, of course.

Oh, and I never inhaled, so I've got that going for me election-wise. Except for that time I was at the Nine Inch Nails concert, but that's because there was so much smoke in the air that my choice was to inhale or die of asphyxiation. And then I was saved from a mosh riot by a giant with a pink mohawk and a tuxedo t-shirt, who called me "little lady." And I'm not even exaggerating this story for comedic effect.

Anyway, back to the Batbrowness. In celebration of the BBC, can you identify these famous eyebrows?







The answers will be posted tomorrow. All a part of my nefarious plot to keep you coming back here. I'd pay you, but I'm cheap, so I'm trying to bribe you with eyebrows instead. Is it working?


Ray Veen said...

Ha. Easy. I know them all. I don't want to list the answers in your comment section, however, so I've written them down on a Walmart receipt, sealed them in a bottle, and thrown them into the Lake Michigan. Please do not judge this contest until you've received my response.

You do have access to Lake Michigan, don't you?

Carrie Harris said...

I live in Michigan. Not the lake, of course, but yes. Please send me the longitude and latitude of your drop, and I'll grab my dinghy and go pick it up.

Really, I just like any excuse to say the word "dinghy."

Ray Veen said...

For shame, Miss Carrie - grabbing your dinghy in public.

Your blog might start getting a bunch of hits for another reason.

SlayerOfBees said...

If you compare yourself to the Geico cavemen again I will be forced to do 1 of 2 things: 1) Set up permanent residence on our couch, or 2) Finally get that brain scrubber to remove the terrible, TERRIBLE images that you just gave me.

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Eyebrows are much better than money! Of course I'll keep coming back. I like the Lake Michigan idea but I don't live anywhere NEAR there, and the large body of water that is close to me is completely landlocked, hence the reason it's filled with an uncommon amount of salt and you can practically float in it without any floating material besides your own own flubber blubber (that's as fun as dinghy).

So . . . I guess my answers will just have to remain in my head and I can quietly cheer for myself when you post the answers and mine are all correct.

Oh, Batman Eyebrows. Are we still supposed to help you out with that???

PJ Hoover said...

They all look familiar, but I don't want to think that hard this morning. But since big plain v knows the answers, that's good enough for me!

Adrienne said...

Ha! I see poor Mona's, and one looks an awful lot like Frida's famous uni-brow. But I give up.
I think the scariest eyebrows are the ones women draw on with a pencil. I saw a checker at Wal-Mart with those the other day and I couldn't stop staring.

Ray Veen said...

CARRIE YOU ARE A SUPER GOOD LUCK CHARM. You came to my blog and wished me luck with my queries, and within an hour - I had a request for a full manuscript.

I need to buy you a drink.

K.C. Shaw said...

I think it's a trick question. Those are ALL pictures of Batman's eyebrows, aren't they?

I win!

Cate Gardner said...

I'm a dill, I'm having a problem recognising all but no. 3 which is obviously the snarfilicious Carrie herself.

Carrie Harris said...

Slayer: Point well taken. Next time, I'll compare myself to a Geico caveWOMAN. ;)

Glamis: Oh yes. This week is all about the Batman eyebrows. I'm number 5 and climbing. So thank you. Both for the assistance and for making me snarf with the phrase "flubber blubber."

PJ: You're all about the teamwork, aren't you? :)

Adrienne: I spent hours (well, probably not that long, but you get the picture) looking for a celebrity with those eyebrows and couldn't find a really good one. Probably because people who do that are scary looking and do not become celebrities.

V: You're not going to throw my drink into Lake Michigan and make me wade for it, are you?

KC: Oh, man. I WISH I would have thought of that.

Cate: HAH! And HAH again! :)

Tiny T said...

So just for fun I googled "batman eyebrows" to see how far you had gotten and.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You are #1!! Your BBC campaign has finally paid off :)

Samantha said...

Holy caped crusaders!

Yes, Carrie, congratulations are in order! **raises batman eyebrows**

You are number one in the google search!

Samantha said...

Oh more thing. (haha)

On your quest for all things brow raising, I'd love to know your thoughts about the Planter's Peanuts unibrow chick.

click me

Anonymous said...

I googled batman eyebrows just for you. Guess what? You were FIRST, girlfriend! FIRST!!

Jamie Eyberg said...

cool beans on being first in the 'batman eyebrows' category. I too have been to Nine Inch Nails concerts but the first one was the same as the second one.

Carrie Harris said...

Tiny T: Woot! I am the Queen of the Batbrow! Thanks for letting me know!

slhastings: That girl scares me. In fact, when you mentioned her, I thought, hm... I don't remember her. That's because I BLOCKED HER OUT FROM MY MEMORY. And I'm really not kidding.

Elana: Aww... thanks. Can I google strange phrases for you too? Because really, that's what friends are for.

Jamie: Yeah, I've seen NIN three times. And it was pretty much the same, except that we were standing in the middle of a different group of freaky people. Oh, and one time Marilyn Manson opened and mentally scarred me, and another time it was a sideshow that mentally scarred me, and the third time it was Hole. Which scarred my eardrums.

Scillius Maximus said...

Hi Carrie,

As T informed you, your now at the top of the google search list for Bat Brow, the Ninja Attack Squa . . ., ur uhh I mean the crack marketing team you hired is finished. They wanted me to tell you (easy with the shuriken buddy! I'm typing! I'm typing!)expect payment forthwith.

They wanted me to pass on they expect the regular amount or they'll collect it in blood. I mean blood gems. Yeah, that's it,blood gems.