Monday, June 15, 2009

Things That Make Me Snarf - Bruce Lee v. Ironman

Here's this week's Thing That Makes Me Snarf.

I wonder how long it took to make that. Because I really want to find a Richard Simmons action figure and a Batman action figure and make one of these videos. Of course, that would also require that I had, like, TALENT at video making, but I figure that's no chance of me getting a Richard Simmons action figure, so I can make these kinds of empty promises safely.

Having said that, it's time for a few haiku reviews. I'm done with the Read 50 Books in 2009 Challenge, but am continuing the reviews due to popular demand. (Confession: Any time I use the word "popular" in a sentence that refers to something I'm doing, it makes me snarf.) Anyway, if you're looking for something to read, maybe one of these babies will suit your mood.

Wings, by Aprilynne Pike
A fairy mishmash
Combining a lot of myths
With blossoms, not wings

Beastly, by Alex Flinn
Do I hear "Woo hoo"?
A great fairy tale reboot.
Read it in a day.

Right Ho, Jeeves, by P.G. Wodehouse
Poor Bertie Wooster,
I snarf at your misfortune
Because Wodehouse rocks.

The Summer I Turned Pretty, by Jenny Han
Not my usual
Genre of choice, but I say
It's darned well-written

I need recommendations! What have you read lately that's awesomely good? I'm currently reading Gods Behaving Badly, and let me tell you, they're REALLY behaving badly. Darned pervy gods.


Tabitha said...

LOL! That is just too funny. :)

Have you read WAKE or FADE by Lisa McMann yet? I read both in a day because I couldn't put them down.

Ray Veen said...

Foolish hobbits. Iron suit poor match for iron fists.

Kate Coombs said...

I say again, Soul Enchilada by David Macinnis Gill! Not perfect, but very, very fun. I love the haiku reviews. And the video makes me think of all of the other, more obscure characters that have had action figures made--maybe write an action figure musical?

K.C. Shaw said...

I love Wodehouse! My favoritest ever is "The Great Sermon Handicap" short story. When I get home from work I think I'll reread it.

PJ Hoover said...

Congrats on the 50 books!

I can't hear enough good things about The Chosen One. And I just bought The Demon's Lexicon. And just finished Soul Enchilada.

Mariah Irvin said...

That video is awesome.

Must read books.

Fox Lee said...

Go Bruce : )

Kelly Polark said...

I knew Bruce would kick Tony Stark's iron butt!

Danyelle L. said...


Love the haikus!