Friday, June 19, 2009

The Winner, and more answers that are not 42!

Okay, before I go on, JaxPop submitted a question late last night, after I wrote this morning's blog. And I think he is kewl, because he asked a question about Richard Simmons.

And here's the answer: I have no freaking clue what is up with the Richard Simmons obsession. I was not obsessed with Richard Simmons prior to starting this blog. Nor did I have a thing for superhero eyebrows, or Zom Cruise, or most of the running gags that I've got on this thing.

I blame it all on you. Not you as in JaxPop but you as in all of you. You keep encouraging me. This is a dangerous, dangerous proposition. Think about it, people... you helped birth the zombietubbies. If you keep encouraging me, I shall have to come up with something even stranger.

Anyway, that's the dealio there.

One other thing I forgot to do: I've been trying to learn how to make a book trailer, and here's my first attempt. What do you think?

And last but definitely not least... I mentioned this yesterday, but I really struggled with the whole picking of the winner for the Zom Com Contest. A few of you made me laugh so hard that I cried. My one consolation is that I have a great prize coming up for the next contest. An AUTOGRAPHED prize. So y'all better come back for that one, because this one was neck and neck until the very end.

But I've got to give it to Solvang Sherrie. Carrie's Zombie Evolution is pure, unadulterated genius. The picture of me with the zombie bugeyes practically laid me out on the floor.

Sherrie, please email me with your address and the preferred gift card of your choice (B&N, Borders, or Amazon). And thanks to everyone for entering! We'll be doing a plain old title contest soon, since it requires a lot less, y'know, thinking.


Barry Napier said...

Very cool trailer. But I'm going to have to stop watching these things before I cave and spend oodles of time I don't have on making one...

Jamie Eyberg said...

I'm with Barry on this one. I could end up spending an entire week working on one and have nothing to show for it. Very cool though.

David Ebright said...

Your Zombie evolution takes 'extreme makeover' to new heights. A guest spot on Oprah is in your future.

The trailer was very good, it got the story across & wa entertaining, but I have no idea how to make one. One of the kids that bought my book said (in an email about a month ago - BTW I love it when kids write with feedback) that I should put together a trailer (he actually called it a video). I suppose that means trailers work? Kids look at 'em? Maybe I'll give it a shot. I have a friend that could put the original music together & my wife is an awesome photographer.

Carrie - I think you've just inspired me! Thanks & have a great weekend.

Mariah Irvin said...

Congrats Sherrie! Very funny.

Kewl trailer Carrie!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Trailers! That's one of the reasons that I love blogs so much: you pick something up every time you come.

Or maybe that's Vegas, not blogs. I get confused sometimes.

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for your Ninja Query! I just received my first partial request thanks to my new super special awesome query!


Cate Gardner said...

I love the music in your trailer - excellent stuff.

Adrienne said...

My computer crashed when I tried to watch the trailer, so I'm guessing it's supernaturally awesome.
Congrats to Sherrie!

Carrie Harris said...

Barry: That's exactly what happened to me. You just have more willpower than I do. ;)

Jamie: It's a lot tougher than it looks, but I think it's a skill worth having. So, well, I kind of have it.

JaxPop: Doesn't it? Although so many of those entries were snarfy. I've been singing those songs for days.

If you get the music and photos together and need a hand, I'll help. I could use some more practice. Just email me if you're interested.

Mariah: They were ALL funny. Your Zom Cruise story had me rolling.

Mercedes: Okay, first I have to laugh at your Vegas crack. And now that I'm done.... YES!!! Rock on with your first partial request!!! I'm doing the happy dance for you!!!

Cate: Isn't it fabulous? Brad Sucks has a website where you can listen to the whole song. I had to cut it for the trailer... it's definitely worth checking out.

Adrienne: Thanks for the vote of confidence. ;)

Fox Lee said...

Riiight. You never even thought about Richard Simmons before this blog.

Ray Veen said...

Don't take this the wrong way, but you make a truly horrific zombie. Seriously. Looking at it causes palpable discomfort in my eyeballs.

Unknown said...

This is kind of random, because I'm one of those silent blog creeper types, but I just wanted to let you know that I included the word "slosh" in my manuscript because of your blog. Yep. Just sayin'.

Kelly Polark said...

Cool trailer!
Congrats to Sherrie! She deserves it!!!

Danyelle L. said...

Congrats, Sherri!

Your book trailer was awesome!

David Ebright said...

Inspiration AND an offer to help me out? How cool is that. I'm gonna get busy! Thanks.

Sherrie Petersen said...

Yay! I had fun making it :)

And I liked the book trailer. I've thought about trying to make one too, but I'm pretty sure I would get carried away and forget to, y' know, write the book...