Monday, September 27, 2010

Signs That You've Made It

The other day, I noticed something TOTALLY AWESOME. My book is up on Goodreads. And it got one of those random one star ratings from someone who CANNOT POSSIBLY have read it. There are no ARCs. Galleys are forthcoming. The only way this person could have read my book is by breaking into my house, slogging through the water in the basement from our &*(#ing malfunctioning water heater, and cracking my super creative computer password. Or you could try to get it from my agent/editor/critique partners...

I do not recommend any of these things. My crack ninja attack squad is poised to protect my peeps. And my son learned how to sharpen stakes this weekend, so all you sparkly vampires out there better watch out too.

Seriously. He's six. And he brought me this wooden stake, all excited. "Look, Mom! Let's make some together!" I'm thinking maybe I should give him a new nickname: Vampire Hunter C.

Anyway. I'm ridiculously proud of this one star rating. Something must have attracted this person's attention enough to make him push that button, right? Either that, or he has a real aversion to hot gridiron hunks. I couldn't possibly understand why.

How could you NOT love us? We are hot. And gridirony. And we got our swerve on.

Obviously, I've chosen to deal with negative reviews by cracking jokes. This doesn't for a second mean that a well thought out criticism isn't going to resonate with me. It just means that I'll take any excuse to use the word "gridirony."

How do you deal with negative criticism, bookish or otherwise?


Shanyn said...

Goodreads can be one big pile of ridiculous-ness if it wants to be. The same thing happens the other way - people giving out 5 star ratings if they REALLY WANT TO READ A BOOK. Except that's not the point of the stars, and just throws off the overall average.

I haven't written a book (nor do I plan to), so I don't have any advice on negative reviews except that it's probably better to not respond at all. Some authors have made fools of themselves by responding to a blogger's negative reviews. Though I did get a comment from an author once thanking me for being honest and discussing both what I liked and did not like.

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Wow, Carrie! That's interesting! Goes to show you that maybe we shouldn't trust all the low-star ratings we see on books.

I got a two-star rating on Cinders on Goodreads, but the reviewer left a review explaining why. As with any negative feedback, if it's not malicious, I'm usually always understanding and try to get over it in a day or two. Sometimes it's harder...and I'm making that sound much easier to do than it is. :)

Claire Dawn said...

I've never published, and I when I perform I've always gotten positive feedback.

I have had negative reactions to me as a person. On the one hand, some people say I'm the happiest person they know. I'm always smiling, and I can't be bothered with stuff that bogs you down.

On the other hand, some people find me arrogant and flippant, for the very same reasons.

I just think you can't please everybody. I mean, even the Gods that people believe in- every one of them is both loved and hated. And if Gods can't please everyone, how can I?

Of course, it's still depressing sometimes. I pick myself up by watching movies, especially musicals :)

Valerie Kemp said...

Only the truly awesome and the truly awful have haters. I think it's obvious which one you are. Congrats on making the big time!

Kelly Polark said...

Who makes up bad reviews?! Crazy!!!
At least you now know that any possible future negative reviews may be by people who didn't bother to read it!!!
And only you would have a mini vampire killer! Hee!

Cate Gardner said...

Ah, but you also have plenty of pretty fives.

Oh, and how odd. I'd shrug it off.

Anita Saxena said...

Love the picture! As far as how I take critcism....If the criticism is coming from a credible source I welcome it and try to learn from it. If it's from someone who has read an imaginary copy of my book, as in your case, I'd just ignore it.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I like Valerie's comment, because she's absolutely right! And YOU are absolutely awesome. Who else gives us our Simmons/Hasselhoff fixes?! :-)

lora96 said...

Ah, good times. Your Psychic Frenemy has used her magical powers to preview and disdain your novel.

You must feel deeply flattered that someone with such considerable talent and ability has devoted her rage to your forthcoming work instead of, I don't know, cleaning up the friggin oil spill.

Your Psychic Frenemy is clearly a jealous whinypants. And nobody likes a whiner.

Marsha Sigman said...

I wouldn't let it bother. Go in and do a review of your book yourself and make it Then you will feel better and hey, you read it so at least your's would be a real review.

I take critism pretty well...except from my husband. I don't think any explanation is needed for anyone married a long

Unknown said...

Carrie Harris vs. lame one star reviewer who didn't read the book.

Carrie = came up with the word 'gridirony' and have Richard Simmons in your picture. Oh, and wrote a kick-ass book about zombie football players.

Lame one star reviewer =

Enough said. :)

Amber said...

I say to remember that the vast majority of us think you're fabulous!

Sugar and Snark said...

I only take 1 star ratings serious if they have reviews. I like seeing what 1 star raters have said.

Mmmm i wonder if that person miss clicked? When he wanted to add it lol

CKHB said...

I give you: The 10 Phases of Rejection.

I'm particularly fond of the reaction to the 7th rejection. I think that's how I'll handle negative feedback from now on.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog. I feel I have a ton of questions for you. Do you outline?
I have an idea. I start. I get so far in and I stop short. AHHH!
And do you have suggestions re:
- a typical daily schedule?

I know this must be annoying - you hear it all the time. Feel free to ignore (but a tip about outline would be great -- I can't seem to do it, but I'm lost!).

Think you sound so aweome!

Nathalanes Place said...

Hi, I review books on my blog, and think that all books deserve to be read, and I read books because I simply love to read, and I read just about anything. I love everything and love to have all sorts of emotions. and I mean all sorts of emotions. I have a very open mind, and I rarely give a book 3 1/2 stars or less, Actually I've had my blog for like almost 4 months and I've never even rated a book under 4 stars yet. Maybe I'm not very harsh some say, or maybe I've just read some really good books or it's just that I'm really easy to please. I'm your average mom, working from home who loves to read a lot and when I read I love to be entertained, I'm not trying to analyse every little thing there is in the book. Maybe that is the difference between us normal book reviewers on blogs and profession book reviewers. Besides who are the biggest book buyers? the normal people out there. And I think these are the best one to review the books.
I also put my reviews on Goodreads and I don't think mine are nonsense. Sadly I cannot put mine on Amazon since I would need to purchase some books there and since I live in Canada it's too darn expensive to ship so I am not interested in buying from them so they won't let me put my feedback there. what a bunch of nit wit, another marketing trap.
Though the author can add it and say here is what a reader had to say.

Thanks for hearing me out,