Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Tuesday Gifts

I have things for you.

I hope I don't offend anyone by saying that I'm not the world's biggest bluegrass fan. But I could sit through HOURS of this.

These are the coolest (if slightly gory) zombie bowling balls I've ever seen. And yes, they are the ONLY zombie bowling balls I've ever seen.

At my house, though, we have zombie bowling PINS. They are the bomb. You won't get that joke unless you click the link. And then you will groan.

BTW, if you're anywhere near SE Michigan, you should stop and see me at the Kerrytown Bookfest in Ann Arbor on September 11th. I'll be on a science fiction panel with Jim FREAKING Hines (his new name), Steven CRAZY PROLIFIC Piziks, and David Erik AWESOME SQUID SOCK CTHULHU MAKER Nelson. If you show up, I will give YOU a random capital letter nickname too.



Jeigh said...

Those zombie bowling balls made my stomach turn but...I want one. I'd even learn to bowl.

Also, I'm nowhere near Michigan, but will you give me a random, all caps nickname anyway?

My full name is Jeigh Meredith. Ready, go!!

Carrie Harris said...

Jeigh ZOMBIE WOMBAT Meredith, to the rescue!

You should feel honored. Zombies and wombats are two of my favoritest things ever.

Tiny T said...

Gives the expression "heads will roll" a new meaning :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carrie! I'll see you at the Bookfest!