Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NotGD wrap-up and research

First, a small matter of business. I've contacted all the winners of Night of the Giving Dead and sent out all critique instructions. But I'm hearing from some people that their emails haven't shown up. (I blame a ravening cybermonster, who is obviously eating all my words of wisdom.) So if you're waiting for an auction related email from me, drop me a note and I'll resend.

If you haven't paid for your items or contacted me to make arrangements, I will be assigning them to the next available winner tomorrow, which is a few days later than I said I'd do it. Please do contact me if you have questions!

And now, a sneak peek! I spent a large part of the day yesterday watching a documentary called Fantastic Flesh about special effects makeup. And now I'm reading this. Both are research for a new book, and it's probably the most fun I've had doing research EVER. Because let's face it; I already know enough about zombies and werewolves to fill an encyclopedia. I did my research anyway, but I spent most of my time going, "Yep. Yep. I know. Isn't that hilarious?"

What are the most interesting things you've ever had to research, for books or otherwise?


LinWash said...

I can't say this is the most interesting thing I've researched, but I had to write an article on the history of cutlery once. So I found myself wondering about sporks in the great scheme of things. I much prefer researching horses or better still, hot guys. Beats a spork anyday.

Suzanne said...

Last year I finished a novel. A large part of the setting is this huge mammoth sunflower field. I had to know how tall those things really get, what the stems feel like if you're running through them... stuff like that. So for my first draft, I faked it. Now that I'm into revision, I actually planted a mammoth sunflower garden in my yard this year. I go out and stand in it, just because I can.

Anonymous said...

I did a paper on the Irish Republican Army for a class on terrorism.

I was GOING to act it out instead of writing it, but I thought better of it.

Pro Tip - A tourist bar is one thing, but do NOT go into a rural, locals only type bar over there and ask for an Irish car bomb. You may well get taken out back and stomped. Seriously.