Monday, August 1, 2011

Things That Are Awesome...Including NEW RELEASE DATES

I'm back! And today, I want to give you a short list of five things that are really ridiculously awesome. Like, you know how evaporated milk is thick and concentrated and, well, EVAPORATED? These things are like evaporated awesomesauce. Extra awesome, less sauce.

1. I've already told you that Night of the Giving Dead raised over $7000 in books for the kids of Mott Children's Hospital, and I'm still waiting for a few donations to float in. But hearing that isn't the same as SEEING it. About a third of the books are currently occupying my living room. They look like THIS:

You can't quite tell from this picture, but these towers are as tall as I am. I would have taken a picture with said towers, but they fell over shortly after we took this picture. Which was slightly less awesome, but I guess you can't have everything.

2. I HAZ DATES! Official book releasey dates! First, there's the BAD TASTE IN BOYS paperback, which is really good if you like your books to be soft and cuddly, or if you intend to learn to juggle with them, or if you want to have a complete collection of sugar lips and put them on the shelves so they can make out with each other. (I haven't done that...much.) You can get your paperback version on June 12th of next year! And I'm putting the finishing touches on the next Kate Grable adventure, BAD HAIR DAY, which officially hits the shelves just in time for Christmas--November 13th, 2012!

3. I am not a runner, but if you put zombies on the course and heart-pounding obstacles all around it, I just might turn into one. This is one of the coolest zombie-themed events I've ever seen. And trust me, I've seen a lot.

4. We now have this in our family room. My kids will be fully prepared for the zombie apocalypse. And based on my score, I will be fully prepared to offer constructive criticism and stay the heck out of the way because they can outshoot me. Maybe I'll stick to melee weapons.

5. THIS IS AWESOME. Nerd rapping is always awesome. DFTBA, people.


Kelly Jensen said...

I haven't tried out my zombie shooting gallery yet, but I may now be inspired enough to give it a whirl.

Yay on release dates! But November 2012 is a really freaking long time away. I mean, that's MORE THAN A YEAR AWAY.

Emily White said...

I absolutely HATE running, but I would totally do that 5k (and probably scream the whole time--yes, I do scream when people are chasing me) LOL!

Also, nerds rapping is the coolest. The only way to get even cooler is to have me doing my white girl dance while listening to nerds laughing (yes, there are lots of elbows and thumbs). :)

Yay for release dates! I'm thinking of getting the hardcover because all I have now is the ebook and I feel as though I need to display your lovely cover in my collection. :D

Vikki said...

I WANT to do that run! Oh. My. Awesome!! Except I run sooooooo slow I'd lose all my "health" flags right away. (This means I would also be useless in a zombie apocalypse.)

Yay for release dates (except that Nov 2012 is SO far away. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!)

(my word verification is cookscru. Not kidding.)

Unknown said...

Carrie you are too awesome for words!!! I devoured Bad Taste in Boys (review to come soon) and I am OVERJOYED for Bad Hair Day!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Congrats on all the things raised, that's too incredible!!!

Marsha Sigman said...

You are definitely the Reporter of All Things Awesome.

Those towers of books make me so glad I participated!

Bookish Brunette said...

Uuum guess what November 13 is??? *GASP* Right? It's TOTALLY my birthday!!! WIN.

Nerd rap= freaking EPIC.

Shelley Koon said...

I love the "leaning tower o' books" pic! Was so happy to be a part of the event and to (virtually) meet you!

Much love <3


Anonymous said...

Wait a second. You're not a runner, but you have a zombie shooting game, and that's a problem? The answer is obvious - be lazy, play that game all day, get a rifle, and when zombies come, shoot them, don't run from them.

It seems to work pretty well for the dudes in this video. The chick....not so much. [For anyone who thinks "you can't miss with a shotgun" or "buckshot spreads really fast and takes out every bad guy in the room," take note of the end of the video.] Warning, a couple swear words, one of which starts with F - Watermelon Zombies.

If you have the money and are in a hurry, you could go this route.

WHATEVER you do, do NOT give your rifle to a chimpanzee. [Obviously fake, but still made me giggle.]

Carrie Harris said...

Kelly: I know. I KNOW. At least it gives us lots of time to shoot zombies, though.

Emily: ZOMG. I DO THAT DANCE TOO! We could do a stage show together.

Vivi: Me too. It looks like so much fun, and I could sprint away no problem, but lots of running over long distances? Not gonna happen.

Jen: You are la awesome. Things WILL settle down over here, and then I will catch up on email. I SWEARZ.

Marsha: I'm glad you participated too! *does happy dance* *knocks over towers again* Whoops. ;)

Bookish Brunette: Dude. My birthday is just a few days before yours. WE'RE ALMOST TWINS. I think this explains a lot.

Shelley: Ditto! We have to keep in touch! Well, we don't HAVE TO, but I would like that. :)

Anny: Well, it would work so long as you have ammo. And then it would stop working VERY QUICKLY.

Karen said...

Okay, I almost peed myself over that video - and you're right, nerds rapping ARE always funny.