Thursday, August 4, 2011

School Mascots

In BAD TASTE IN BOYS, the school mascot is the Bantams, and I made up a Bayview Bantams t-shirt for the trailer. I still wear that shirt, because hey, why the heck not? But I took way too long researching possible mascots--not because I couldn't make up my mind, but because I honestly think that the people who create school mascots are smoking something, and it's not legal.

How else do you explain the Key School Obezags? It's an anagram. Of "gazebo." Which is awesome. I think someone at their school was a fan of the Dread Gazebo. As a gamer geek, I make at least one gazebo joke a week to meet my quota.

Then there are teams like beg to be pervertized. Like any team named the Trojans, or the Cobden Appleknockers, or the Butte Pirates. (Really? REALLY?!?) I'll refrain from commenting on them, but you can pretty much imagine what I'm thinking if you try hard enough.

And then there are the names full of WTFuttery. Like the Mt. Clemens Battling Bathers and the Watersmeet Nimrods.

I think there should be more teams with monster names. There are a few centaur teams out there, because apparently man-horses inspire major fear in the hearts of opponents. Wyverns are pretty common too. But where are the MERPIRES? That would be scary. Or the Sparkly Vampires? Which would be...uh...sparkly.

My high school mascot? The bees. I wish they were sparkly or vampiric, but they weren't.


Anonymous said...

Mine was the Spongers.

As in sponge-divers, with big old fashioned diving helmets and all.

Yeah, I know.

Sarah said...

High school was the Rebels, as in, rebels against the union. Yep.

A nearby high school was the Unicorns. I kid you not:

Anonymous said...

Mine was a wasp so close to bees and we had the ugliest color scheme ever but now it beings on nostalgia

Joan said...

Loved BTIB! Just read it in July and added my review on my blog.

Write more! Joan

Jeigh said...

What could an Appleknocker be but something pervy? Or am I just pervy? Appleknockers, though?

Carrie Harris said...

Anonymeet: That is AWESOME. I'm seriously envious.

Sarah: I've seen Unicorns before. But um...not the Rebels. That's

Kate: I haven't seen many places that use wasps. Hornets and bees, sure, but I wonder how many wasps are out there. :)

Joan: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm working on book 2 now! *happy dance*

Jeigh: I KNOW. And what would their mascot LOOK like? Because I have a picture in my head, and it's not appropriate AT ALL.

Vikki said...

Butte Pirates? No. Just no. That can't be real. Seriously? That's just...wrong! And awesome.

Our school mascot was the falcon. But it was a super tough falcon. He was on the cover of the yearbook, flexing. Grrrrrrrr!

Elizabeth said...

My college was the blue raiders, which some how translated into having a giant silver and blue pegasus.
It's like having one huge my little pony at games!