Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Thoughts for Friday

My to do list is as long as my arms. On my to do list? Get longer arms.

I say that I'd like to get a personal assistant to help clean my house and organize my projects and respond to fan mail and things. Yesterday, I tried to recruit one of my twitter followers to follow me around in a ninja costume with a boom box and play the soundtrack to my life. He said it was fine so long as I called him Dobler. Dobler hasn't arrived. I'm disappointed.

It really amuses me that I spent all of college trying to get stalkers to stop following me, and now I spend all my time trying to get people to follow me online. I wish I had the phone numbers of those stalkers.

I really want to plant a zombie in the garden. I wouldn't have to weed it. And I'm really behind on my weeding, because Dobler isn't here to play a weeding song.

Now I'm brainstorming weeding songs.

I'm very close to finishing line edits on BAD HAIR DAY and the last round of before-the-agent edits on book number 3. So of course, last night, I dreamt about one of my other shelved projects. My subconscious has it out for me.

I miss the used bookstore where I used to live. Half Price Books, come to Michigan. Please. Or I will have to buy another bookcase.

What's up with you?


Kelly Jensen said...

I can be your assistant! That is, if most of the job involves procuring ice cream.

Matthew MacNish said...

It's essentially entirely unfair for you to say this many different hilarious things in one post. I want to keep you in my pocket.

K. M. Walton said...

Plant a the garden...ha. Laughing out loud at that one.

Marsha Sigman said...

I want longer legs.

I have no real reason...I just want them.