Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Interior Design, Carriestyle

We've been working on our house lately. We have one of those houses with about two square feet of closet space total, so every time I go over to someone else's house, I wander around, muttering, "Closets...such lovely closets..." until they throw me out. When no one else is around, I look up closet organization websites and drool over the pictures. I dream about walk-ins.

For years, Slayer and I have dreamt about the features in our dream house. He wants a man cave--a room he can fill with leather furniture and cigar boxes and a big tv, probably with lots of antlers and weaponry on the wall. Or weaponry made out of antlers. So he gets that.

And I get c And an office. With lots and lots and LOTS of bookshelves. But I'd also like these things:

Viva la revolucion! Nothing says "Down with the man (especially if he is holding a cheeseburger) like Che Hoff! This poster belongs on my walls.

And it'll hang next to this handy reference poster that tells you the correct terminology for supernatural collectives. They had me at "A solace of Baba Yagas."

When you come over, you'll have to look under my desk at my sugar skull floor mat. SERIOUSLY, WHO COMES UP WITH THIS STUFF, AND CAN I INVITE THEM OVER FOR DINNER?!?

Of course, at this rate, we're going to need to move into a hotel so I have enough room to put all this stuff. You'd stay at my hotel, right?


Tere Kirkland said...

Um, I NEEEED a sugar skull rug under my desk. NOWWW!

I've been doing a lot of daydreaming about the perfect office lately, too. Mine will have a bathtub in it. Oh, yes, it will. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is a DOOR mat, not a FLOOR mat, but it's what will be in front of my house some day.

I'm also completely on board with the man cave idea, but you left out the bar of top shelf liquor and the fire pole. Plus the "NO CHICKS* ALLOWED!!" sign.

* = Except strippers [Just kidding, honey (not really)]

Tiny T said...

My hubby and your hubby think a lot a like ;)

My dream home will also have a lady spa -- a room with a reading area, maybe a tv, chocolates, and umm... I'm still coming up with this idea. Guys have man caves. Us ladies should have a room too. Though I'm sure someone else could probably come up with a better name for it. :)

Anonymous said...

Tiny T, the room you're thinking of already has a name - the kitchen.

::ducks, covers::

Come on, you can't give an opening like that and not expect a jackasstic remark :P

Carrie Harris said...

Tere: I'd like the bathtub in the office with the sugar skull rug next to it. And a cabana boy. I'm not asking much, right? RIGHT? ;)

Anny: I would slap you if I wasn't laughing so hard.

Tiny T: I can come over to your lady spa, right???

Anny: I'm ready to slap you now. ;)

Anonymous said...

In an act of (fake) repentance, I think I found you a cabana boy. Well, he's technically a Pool Boy, but I think he'll fit the bill.

Tiny T said...

Carrie: Absolutely! Every day ;)

Anny's not invited :P

Anonymous said...

Aw, rats, I'm not allowed to sit in a room (that looks suspiciously like a kitchen) filled with books, wrap myself in sea weed, sit in a mud filled bathtub and listen to giggle-laden lady talk all day.

If only I could play an instrument that would express how I feel about this situation.....

I guess I'll just have to draaaag myself down the fire pole into the cigar, liquor, weapon (::cough:: and stripper ::cough::) filled man cave and somehow TRY to eke out some semblance of a good time. le sigh.

Actually, it would basically be like when the Professor turns Bender from a robot into a human, minus the dancing.